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Welcome to Hero

Hello, and welcome to Hero, the Frodo Baggins Icons archive! All these Icons are made by Chloe, unless otherwise specified. Please, PLEASE be sure to read the Rules before using the downloads here. :)

Hero is now on an Open Hiatues meaning that I will not be adding new content anymore. I appologize to my affilaites, and you needn't link me back anymore if you don't wish. :) It's been a fun expirience, but my every-day life is more important than any website. So please, continue to use the Icons! Just know there will be no new ones.

God Bless!

Update : April . 25 . 06

New Icons: Ivana donated 11 lovely icons from her artfolio, Doomed to Fade, and 3 new ones from Hannah. Thank you, girls! I also made 2 (pathetic, I know, more later!)

( see the rest- thank you, Ivana! )

New Affilaites: I want to thank Sara for affiliating her three (incredible, by the way) with my this place. Thanks, mate!


Update : April . 19 . 06

New Icons: Irda has donated 70 Icons from her amazing collection, all gorgeous Frodo Baggins from her LJ, Crazy Perfume! Thank you a dozen times, Irda! And I have a lovely one from Hannah as well. :) Here are some teasers:

( see the rest- thank you, Irda! )

( thank you, Hannah! )

New Affiliates: I want to also thank Irda for becoming an affiliate! Also, please welcome the amazing Elliptica! Thanks to both of you. :)


Update : April . 18 . 06

New Icons: 28 were graciously donated by Yume_No_Hakume at Fragile Silver! Thank you so much, mate! Also, Cristiel has sent in 4 more, and I have made 5. Enjoy! Teasers:

( thank you, Yume_No_Hakume! )

( thank you, Cristiel! )

( see the other two! )

New Affiliate: I'm proud to say that Yume_No_Hakume also agreed to be my newest affiliate! Thanks again!

Note: The most recent Icons I did were thanks to a tutorial by Hushed Art I have now added to the Credits Page. :)


Update : April . 14 . 06

New Icons: 2 by Magnus, 3 by Kate and 10 by Me! Thank you for the donations, mates. Teasers are below!

( thank you, Magnus! )

( thank you, Kate! )

( see the rest - Enjoy! )


Update : April . 12 . 06

New Icons: 5 by Cristiel and 5 by Me! Teasers are below!

( see the rest - thank you, Cristiel! )

( see the rest - Enjoy! )


Update : April . 11 . 06

Affiliate: Thank you, Josselyn! Interested?


Update : April . 09 . 06

Hero is opened with a total of Thirty-Five Frodo Icons!